A Day at the Beach

Last Sunday I found myself at the beach with a whole lot of other people.

This is not surprising, as it was a warm late August day. Still, I am used to going to the Headlands early in the morning on a weekday, and having the place pretty much to myself.

I found I did not like sharing.

I could not walk smoothly ankle-deep at the water’s edge–I had to keep bypassing these inconvenient clods who were sitting in low beach chairs with their legs in the water, or playing and romping close to shore –imagine! my beach! And they were cluttering it all up!

I laughed at myself even as I felt mildly irritated, and wondered why I had felt summoned at noon on a Sunday.

Finally I spotted a slightly empty stretch and plopped down, feet in the water (thereby blocking others’ easy passage, but we won’t go into that.) I love to sit like this, derriere in the hot sand, feet in the cool water, running my fingers through the pebbles and beach glass and shell fragments and staring out over the waters. I felt myself slowly relax more deeply, and go inward, connecting myself with my Self. Ahhhh. . .

I breathed deeply

and grounded deeply

and felt any irritation melting away, replaced by a deep peace.

I do love a good beach.

And then it happened. Colors shifted slightly and my grounding felt deeper than ever before. As I looked aroundI got it through and through: we really are all one.

I saw this beautiful iridescent thread running through everyone, and everything, making all of it more beautiful than ever. And the thread wasn’t static. It was more like a wave or a beam, connecting me to the sand and water and sky and the gulls and the lighthouse and the boats and barges and every one of those dear people sharing the beach.

What was this thread? Of course you know.

It was love.

And I felt timeless.

And I felt myself fallingfallingfalling deeply in love.

Naturally, that Still Small Voice Within had summoned me at this time: so I could experience this amazement, surrounded by all those people! If I’d been in a people-free zone, I wouldn’t have felt so profoundly that we are not just sisters and brothers.

We truly are all cells in a single body: the body of the Earth.

This isn’t just a lovely metaphor: everything we think and feel and do reverberates through everything else. It can’t NOT do that. It’s how the whole is designed.

I could see how every fluctuation of the thread caused a fluctuation of every other part of the thread.

After a long while, I got up and jumped into the water. I played and frolicked and dipped. I chortled in delight and waved at the sun. People smiled at this lucky lunatic who obviously had lost her mind and found her heart – again.

We all know this place of peace. It’s hard-wired into us. So how is it we so often forget?

Ah, that’s to ponder another time. Now is just for reveling in all that love.


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