My Blog, Take Two


As some of you may know, I tried the whole blog thing a couple of years ago, and petered out pretty quickly. This had more to do with the site (not this one) and timing (not the best) than with the fact that I am almost congenitally confused about the use of modern technology. My daughter has often called me “the last great mind of the 16th century,” and she is sometimes being snarky and sometimes being generous.

It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can weigh in on many topics, fascinating or boring or ridiculous, at the drop of a hat. And some of my kind readers of the last blog have asked me when I was going to get serious about it again. So this is my attempt at getting serious. I suspect in the process, I’lll find it’s lots of fun. That’s usually what happens when I’m dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st C.: I discover that I love it!


However, the above pics are to set up excuses right away: I feel it’s always good to have one’s excuses lined up. It’s High Gardening Season (this does not imply the use of any illegal substances; I find gardening makes me quite “high” enough, thank you!) and I can’t seem to help wandering out into the garden when I “ought” to be doing something else, like setting up this blog, returning emails, paying bills, vacuuming the voluminous hair my sheltie insists on sharing with every carpet in the house, etc.

It’s also to show off some of the lovely bounty of this year’s garden – isn’t it all amazing? Into this magical stuff called dirt, I place a little seed, talk and sing to it, water it, tell it what a great job it is doing, pull away any weeds that are getting too pushy, and before I know it, something lovely and edible shows up. I’ve been gardening a very long time (since at least the 16th C., some would say) and this process never ceases to amaze me. It truly is magic at its earthiest, most fundamental and yes, tasty!

Now, back to this new blog. It is my intention that I write a blog a week. This shouldn’t be a problem, as I always have a lot to say – whether it is worth your while to read will be subject to your interpretation. So if a new post doesn’t show up some week between now and, say, the middle of November, come over to my garden, tell me to go wash my hands and get back to the computer.



After all, there’s so much for us to share: thoughts on meditation, families, arm wrestling with Chronos, what makes for really superior soup, striving for excellence vs. perfection, and delivering the perfect joke, to name just a few. . .

(So tell me, what do you get obsessed with to keep from doing what you “ought” to be doing? I really want to know. )



2 responses to “My Blog, Take Two

  1. Yea! I’m so happy to hear from you. Keep. It. Coming!

    Randomly walking around my house routinely keeps me from doing the things I should be doing. Not overly productive, but I’m just happy to have a nice place to call home and “doing nothing” comes in all forms, I guess. I also love sitting outside in the front or back yard. I need to improve my ability to entertain this distraction!

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